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Reasons to Choose a Laval Travel Clinic

Travel ClinicWith so many myths out there when it comes to vaccinations and immunizations, it is time to dispel them.

There are plenty of travel clinics in Laval and the surrounding area that will advise you about vaccinations and immunizations.

Myth 1: Vaccines can cause disorders such as autism

The facts: Vaccines strengthen children’s immune systems to fight dangerous diseases. Because children are vaccinated at roughly the same age as that during which autism is often diagnosed, some people believe there is a link between vaccination and autism, which is wrong. Vaccines do not cause autism.

Myth 2: Some ingredients used in vaccines are dangerous

The facts: In Canada, there are strict guidelines that govern the manufacturing of vaccines. Some ingredients, such as thimerosal, formaldehyde and aluminum, are used to kill bacteria and to make vaccines as safe and effective as possible.

Myth 3: Multiple injections overwhelm the immune system of my baby

The facts: Vaccines are designed to protect your baby against many diseases as soon as possible. Rather than overloading the immune system of your baby, vaccines strengthen it. Babies do not experience more side effects when administering more than one vaccine at a time.

Myth 4: Natural immunity is better than that provided by vaccines

The facts: Natural infection with certain diseases can lead to the death of your child or cause serious complications to occur before his body has had the chance to develop a strong immune system. Vaccines use bacteria or inactive and harmless viruses to trigger a natural immune response from the body in order to provide long term protection against the disease without exposure to the disease. A vaccination is like an exercise for the immune system, to get it ready should your child be exposed to the real disease.

Myth 5: The diseases that can be prevented by vaccination no longer exist in Canada, so my child does not need to be immunized

The facts: Immunization programs have reduced the number of cases of severe illness and death caused by these illnesses in Canada. However, although the risk of contracting these diseases in Canada is very small, they still exist elsewhere in the world and can reach those who are not protected. Vaccinations are still the best way to protect against these diseases.


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