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Diet Constantly Failing? Look at Protein

dietFor most people, the standard Western diet simply doesn’t achieve their goals in terms of weight maintenance (or loss), energy and that feeling of overall wellbeing. Many believe that this is down to an over-reliance on processed food and an excess of sugar and grains. Simple carbohydrates, from sugar in all its forms to white flour, bread and so forth, lead to a powerful insulin response in the body. This storage hormone acts to lock away excess nutrients, calories and fats in our cells, and release them again when we need them. However, if we constantly eat high-carbohydrate foods, this release never happens, and we simply get ever bigger and more lethargic.

Incorporating Protein
One primary macronutrient which we need for weight maintenance and overall muscle gain and strength is protein. Protein is the rebuilding nutrient for our body and it repairs everything from our skin and muscles to our bones. It is a key ingredient in our hair and nails too, and without adequate protein we will find it difficult to develop that strong and lean physique and feeling of wellbeing that we crave. When combined with regular strength-focused training, the result of eating optimum levels protein and removing excess carbohydrates and refined foods from the diet will be rapidly and visibly clear. If you’re serious about weight training and body definition, you will probably be familiar already with the benefit of protein drinks. However, even for weight maintenance and everyday vitality, protein food or supplements such as whey powder, can be very useful indeed.

The Satiety Factor
Another great benefit of protein is that it fills you up. If you eat a hard-boiled egg, some lean meat and vegetables for breakfast, you will feel full until lunch. Compare this with the effects of eating a refined breakfast cereal that will usually leave your stomach rumbling again after just a few hours.

Building Protein into Your Diet
Start the day with a protein fix and you’ll feel more energised and consistently alert, thanks to the stabilising effect on your blood sugar. Try eggs in any form, meat such as bacon or chicken and low-fat cheese with vegetables. A low-fat breakfast grill can provide you with plenty of protein and valuable nutrients, carbohydrates and vitamins in the form of a large portion of vegetables such as steamed tomatoes and mushrooms. Be adventurous too, and remember that many of the world’s healthiest cultures start their day with fish, or meals that resemble our dinners. Alternatively, blend up a fruit and protein smoothie, throwing some frozen berries, avocado, coconut water and whey protein powder into a blender with some ice, for a rapid, delicious and filling breakfast on the go. You can find a range of protein rich foods at Protein Foods Direct. Head to for the latest range, which also includes high-protein snack bars for nutrition on the go.

Throughout the day, tip the balance of your meals in favour of protein and enjoy low-fat meat, eggs, low-fat cheese, nuts and pulses, as well as protein supplements. You will soon notice the effects.


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