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The Best Treatments for Hair Loss and Regrow Hair

Hair LossWhen it comes to hair loss everyone has his or her own belief. Some people believe that they are cursed with this condition due to their mother or father passing it down to them. Even though your genes do you play a significant role in the development of hair loss problems, there are other causes out there that can lead to hair falling. Some of these other causes include high stress levels, mentail problems, medications, and some underlying condition.

There are various forms of hair loss, which include alopecia areata, traction alopecia, and hypothyroidism. Your hair loss can also be attributed to your diet as well. If you eat a daily diet that is not very nutritious then you’ll experience your hair falling or thinning. For example, people who don’t get enough iron in their diet are at a high risk of experiencing a loss of hair.

There are people who undergo chemotherapy to treat cancer that experience some hair fall. This is the because the radiation that the chemotherapy uses to treat the cancer damages hair follicles and the scalp. Even women who take birth control pills can experience some form of hair loss.

As far as treatment goes there are various options available. One way to stop hair loss and regrow hair is to use medications such as finasteride or minoxidil. These medications work by inhibiting the activity of the male hormone that causes hair to fall out.

The name of this male hormone is DHT and it attacks the hair follicles and scalp causing hair to fall out. Both of these treatments have been approved by the FDA to treat hair loss and require a prescription from a doctor. Finasteride is taken by mouth while minoxidil is applied directly to the balding areas on the scalp.

Other than these drugs you can also treat hair loss by using low level laser therapy, surgical procedures, and by using special shampoos on a daily basis. The shampoos that help stop hair loss and help the hair grow again contain a compound in them called ketoconazole.

Whenever you’re looking for a shampoo to help your hair loss always look on the label for ketoconazole. Along with applying this special shampoo once or twice per week you should also start taking supplements daily.

One of these supplements that has proven to be a big help to people suffering from hair loss are unsaturated fatty acid supplements. Other supplements that are a great help and should be taken daily include MSM, biotin, and beta sitesterol. All of these supplements will help give your hair the additional help it needs to begin growing again.

These are some of the best treatment methods you can begin applying to treat hair loss and help your hair to grow again. The more you apply these methods the better your hair will grow and stop falling.

With whatever method you decide to use make sure you stay consistent with it so that you can see the best results. Just because you have hair loss problems doesn’t mean the end of the world, as you can take the right steps to improve your situation.


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